Testicular Hydrocele

In ANDROCLINIC we apply the most modern methods for addressing hydrocele with excellent results and minimal hospitalization time.

What is a hydrocele?

Hycrocele is called the collection of fluid in the scrotum (the sack surrounding and supporting the testicles). It usually appears on one side, but sometimes hydrocele is formed in both testicles.

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How does it Manifest itself?

The patient palpates a small full “balloon” in the scrotum. Usually it is smooth and mainly in front of one testicle. Hydroceles are normally painless. Large hycroceles may cause discomfort because of their size. Walking or sexual activity may become uncomfortable if you have a very large hydrocele.

When does it manifest itself?

Most hydroceles appear in grown-ups and are more common in men aged 40 and more. The cause is not known in most cases. Injury, inflammation or tumors in one testicle may cause the creation of fluid leading to the formation of a hydrocele.

Sometimes hydroceles appear when there is a generalized enlargement of the low half of the body due to fluid retention.

Which tests are used for diagnosis?

The doctor will examine the testicles by palpating, and sometimes transillumination of the scrotum is also useful and shows the large fluid quantity. Testicular ultrasound. This can check the testicles in order to make sure that there is no underlying cause for hydrocele.

Treatments: Surgical operation & Drainage

The surgical operation is recommended when the hydrocele is large or uncomfortable. It is done through a very small incision in the scrotum, under sedation or general anesthesia, and the patient may leave the clinic on the same evening

The fluid is easily drained with a needle and syringe. However, after this procedure, it is very possible that the hydrocele sack fills again with fluid within a few months.

In ANDROCLINIC we apply the most modern methods for the treatment of hydrocele with excellent results and minimal hospitalization time.

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