Penile Triplex

The penile triplex test is considered a very dynamic one, in which the doctor’s experience plays an important role, in order to avoid errors in the final results.

What is penile triplex?

Penile triplex (or more correctly, penile artery triplex) is an absolutely necessary test for the investigation and diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction. It is a highly specialized test requiring suitable equipment, but above all experience on the part of the doctor who will carry it out.

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Penile triplex is an ultrasonogram which provides us with two types of basic information: anatomic and mainly functional data.

Anatomic Data

The anatomic data of the penis provided by the penile triplex are particularly important for diagnosis. This test helps diagnose damage like injuries, scars, calcification in the penile tissue: necessary information regarding many illnesses, but mainly  Peyronie’s disease. The anatomic morphology of the penile vasculature is also investigated for the existence of atheromatosis, strictures of other damages.

Functional Data

Functional data are related with the erectile function itself. For the erection to occur it is necessary to increase blood flow to the penile arteries above a specific limit, so that the penis may acquire adequate hardness. At the same time, the normal erection process requires the venous outflow to decrease to a very low level, so that the penis, after achieving erection, maintains required hardness. These measurements and these absolutely necessary data for the investigation of the erectile dysfunction of a patient, can only be acquired through a penile triplex.

In the andrology clinic ANDROCLINIC, andrologists take into account many factors before delivering their final answer regarding the erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

Performance Technique of the Penile Triplex

In order to get the functional data during penile erection, we must induce an erection during the test. This is done by administering a special substance, prostaglandin, which causes vasodilation in the penile veins and sets the erection mechanism in motion. Then and throughout the progress of the erection phenomenon, the doctor carries out various measurements, recording changes in blood flow in the penile veins. The duration of the test may be relatively short, it is often required, however, to extend it for more than half an hour in order to achieve a reliable result.

The substance used is absolutely safe, it must however be administered by specialized and well-trained doctors. The dosage must be evaluated correctly and the administration must be done as indicated, otherwise the test will not be reliable and will provide wrong information. The technique for performing a penile triplex is complex, and although it may appear simple to the patient in a specialized center, it contains specifics which may alter the result if not carried out correctly.

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