Peyronie Disease – Penile Curvature

An effective response to Peyronie’s disease through the application of all modern protocols of conservative treatment.

What is Peyronie’s Disease (Penile Curvature)

Peyronie’s disease is a benign condition of the penis, of unknown origin, which is characterized by the formation of fibrous plaque or a hard area in the upper or the lower side of the penis, in the  membranes surrounding  the penis, usually causing a disfigurement and curvature of the penis and some degree of erectile dysfunction.  It usually appears in middle age, but younger or older men can also develop it. It starts as a local inflammation and can develop into a hardened scar.

The cause of Peyronie’s disease is not certain. There is a connection with fibrosis or scars of other tissues in the body, like a condition known as Dupuytren disease, which produces fibrosis in the inner surface of the palm. There is also a mild family correlation in the manifestation of the disease.


Aging increases risk, as we have a worsening of blood flow, but also decreased elasticity in the body tissues. This increases the chances of injury and delays significantly healing to the point that hard fibrous tissue forms and then even calcification occurs (formation of calcium deposits), resulting long-term in penile curvature.


One very frequent aggravating factor which contributes significantly to Peyronie’s disease is trauma, i.e. an acute injury or repeated minor injuries during sexual intercourse, which may result in changes in the fibrous envelope of the penis. Also related is the inflammatory reaction and finally collagen production which in turn leads to the formation of plaque.

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The classical symptoms presented by a typical patient with Peyronie’s disease are penile curvature, pain in erection, shortening of the penis by 1-2 centimeters and often erectile dysfunction which appears in a big percentage of patients.

The above-mentioned symptoms do not occur in all patients and they vary in severity. Peyronie’s disease may occur in some men with a simple feeling of pain during intercourse. The man may also palpate something hard in his penis called plaque. When plaques grow then the penile curvature appears.

If the symptoms are intense, the man cannot proceed to intercourse, thus putting a strain on his relationship and his psychological state. The effect on the patient’s psychological state is sometimes very hard. If the man leaves the problem without seeking medical help, he may not be able to have sexual intercourse because of stress.

In Androclinic we carry out a number of tests and conversations with the patient before selecting the suitable response for his case. Until now, we have provided a final solution to hundreds of patients with Peyronie’s disease!


The diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease has three stages.

Taking the history

The patient mentions injuries, pain in erection, any medication he is taking, and presents his whole family history.

Clinical examination

At the clinical examination, the plaques are identified which may appear, the penile hardness and curvature are checked as well as its length.

Imaging methods

Usually tests like ultrasound or triplex are recommended for causing an erection. A simple x-ray or magnetic resonance may also be necessary.

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Methods of treatments – New therapies

For the effective treatment of Peyronie’s disease, a personalized method for each man separately or in combination must be found, aiming at restoring penile function.

Surgical treatment

There are two basic surgical methods for correcting the penis disfigurement. The first one is the technique of plication by putting seams on the opposite side from the injury, resulting in restoration of the curvature and straightening of the penis

The second main method for correcting the penile curvature is a radical and detailed procedure of geometrical restoration which restores the shape and length of the tunica albuginea in the condition it was in before Peyronie’s disease. This is done with the geometrical calculation of the damage in a logical and simple mathematical way, designing and applying in the place of the damage a graft (usually of bovine pericardium).

In the cases of large damage and established erectile dysfunction, the simultaneous placement of a penile prosthesis is recommended.

Conservative treatment

Although conservative treatment has not had results until now, in recent years new preparations are applied by injection to the damaged area, which with the suitable technique produce remarkable results, without however comparing to the success of the surgical treatment.

In Androclinic we apply all modern conservative treatment protocols of injectable treatment inside the damage (fibrous plaque).

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