Penile Prosthesis: Definitive treatment of erectile dysfunction

The penile prosthesis substitutes the destroyed corpora cavernosa of the penis.

What do we call Penile Prosthesis?

The penile prosthesis is the surgical and definitive solution for patients with erectile dysfunction problems which are not resolved in a satisfactory way with any of the other treatments. It is a method with long that has been applied for many years abroad, but also in Greece, with very high satisfaction rates, both for the man and for his companion.

The penile prosthesis substitutes the destroyed corpora cavernosa of the penis and therefore their function (i.e. filling with blood in order to achieve an erection) is done automatically with a closed hydraulic circuit.

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The Anatomy of the Penis

Anatomically the penis consists of three cylindrical structures: two corpora cavernosa on the upper side and the urethra below. In reality, the corpora cavernosa are the mechanism that makes the penis lift and harden in order to help the urethra enter the vagina during intercourse. They usually consist of a central artery each which is surrounded by many small sinusoids, thus forming a structure with sponge-like texture.

When the penis is flaccid, flow in the artery is low, while when an erection occurs, the flow multiplies, the sinusoids fill and in this way the penis becomes enlarged and starts to harden. But in the case of severe damage, either because the artery has been destroyed or because the sinusoids themselves have suffered significant damage, no conservative medicinal treatment can bring results.

Types of Penile Prostheses

There are two types of penile prostheses:

  • Semirigid ones and
  • Inflatable ones.

Semirigid ones are an excellent and affordable solution. Their difference is that the penis remains in constant erection.

Inflatable ones may consist of two or three parts. They consist of two cylinders which replace the corpora cavernosa and a closed hydraulic system consisting of the release valve and, in the case of the three-part prosthesis, a reservoir.

The main advantage of inflatable prostheses is their impressive ability to mimic erection while remaining out of sight. In ANDROCLINIC, urologist surgeons have great experience in the penile prosthesis operation!

In the andrological clinic ANDROCLINIC, we are at your side to provide you with clear information regarding the placement of the penile prosthesis you select, with the whole operation procedure step by step.

Creating an Erection – Results

The prosthesis in set in function by pressing the valve between the testicles, thus the prosthesis fills hydraulically and starts hardening. Rigidity is 100% and the duration of the erection is practically unlimited. In order to cause a flaccid state, the patient must press again the valve in order to reverse the flow of the liquid and empty the prosthesis.

The penile prosthesis is an excellent solution for men with erectile dysfunction which does not respond to other treatments.

Placement – Procedure

The placement of all types of prosthesis is done through an incision below the penis which heals and usually is not visible after a little time. The prosthesis cylinders are inserted inside the corpora cavernosa and the release valve between the testicles. In the case of a three-part penile prosthesis, the reservoir is placed a little higher, behind the abdominal wall.

The operation, despite being special, only requires one-day hospitalization.

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