Retrograde Ejaculation

A man with retrograde ejaculation often observes during urination semen in his urine.

What is it?

It is a condition in which semen finds an easy way to the bladder and its greatest part or all of it, moves to the bladder during ejaculation. For this ailment various drugs are blamed, mainly α- blockers, very often prescribed for prostate enlargement, but also surgical operations in the urinary system, like prostatectomy, or neurosurgical operations and lesions of the spine.

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When semen regresses in the bladder, i.e. when there is a retrograde ejaculation, the causes usually are psychogenic and are due to obsessive-compulsive disorder and the man’s fear to ejaculate intravaginally. The causes may also be organic and due to other causes.

Anatomic factors: congenital abnormalities in the urethra or the bladder.

Neurogenic causes: conditions of the vertebrae, diabetes with neuropathy, multiple sclerosis etc.

Surgical operations: for example, prostatectomy, colon surgery etc.

Drugs: mainly anti-psychotic and drugs prescribed for prostate enlargement.


The man with retrograde ejaculation often observes during urination semen in his urine. This is the reason why he goes to the doctor. The diagnosis of the ailment is based on a urine test, in order to detect whether there is a semen specimen.

What is dry orgasm?

During retrograde ejaculation patients experience the so-called “dry orgasm”. This is a male sexual climax without ejaculation. Instead of being released through the penis, semen regresses to the bladder, i.e. there is retrograde ejaculation.

Dry orgasm is not to be mixed up with the cases of men achieving many sexual climaxes, until a moment arrives when the semen fluidity is exhausted. In this case there is no reason to worry.

Retrograde ejaculation in most cases required no treatment for the simple reason that it does not cause organic problems.

Treatment – Response

Retrograde ejaculation needs no treatment in most cases, as it does not create organic problems. If for example, retrograde ejaculation is caused by drugs, when the patient stops taking them, the situation usually returns to normal.

Still, there is a possibility that a man may present infertility due to the absence of semen. In this case, a personalized plan by the medical team of the ANDROCLINIC is required in order to identify the suitable method for responding, which may include simple psychological support or even a surgical intervention. Generally, we would say that the reason for retrograde ejaculation is the factor leading to the choice of the suitable treatment.

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