Mr. Makarounis is a Urologist, Andrology Specialist with special interest in the investigation and surgical restoration of male infertility and sexual function, as well as in prostate diseases and urinary lithiasis.

– He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Marche University, Italy.

-During his military service as a reserve Health Officer he was trained in emergency medicine ALS-D at the General Air Force Hospital, where he remained for 9 months in the 2nd Surgery clinic.

-Then he was trained in laboratory andrology and basic sperm analysis – under the auspices of the Hellenic Society of Andrology and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

-He acquired the specialty of Urology after examinations and service in the General Hospital of Corinth, the General Hospital of Argos and the General Hospital of Athens Hippocrates, where he was responsible for 3 years of the operation of the andrology clinic in collaboration with the sexual health unit of the 1st University Cardiology clinic of the Department of Urology.

-He received further training in Microsurgery and received certification after examinations in Weill Cornel Medical Centre of Male Infertility in New York under the supervision of Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Schlegel, Dr. Phillip Li, Dr. David Paduch.

-He participated in the research program “Study of the peroxide procedure as mechanism for deterioration of the functionality of semen in relation to the presence of inflammation or intracellular infection”.

-He received further training in immunology and microbiology of reproduction and in the investigation of infertility in the medical company Locus Medicus under the doctor Mr. Tsilivakos, while he was a member of the research team that developed the innovation entitled “Method of detection of intracellular microorganisms in sperm to avoid the creation of infectious and/or antigenic embryos” which was named among the 10 best innovations in Greece for 2013. 

-He was a member of the research team of the European clinical study FDC115116 for the “Impact of Dutasteride on Sexual Health” for GSK in General Hospital of Athens Hippocrates.

-Participation in oral and posted announcements in European, American urological and andrological conferences.

-After European examinations, he was awarded the title of member of the Fellow of European Board of Urology (FEBU) and the European Society for Sexual Medicine (FECSM).

-Guest speaker, trainer, and chair at conferences, at the Hellenic Urological Association, as well as in Panhellenic Urological, Andrological and Oncology conferences.

-He received the 3rd Prize of oral announcement in the 22nd Panhellenic Urological Conference in 2014


-Then he received the Urotour Scholarship 2015 by the ISUD (December 2014) for advanced training in a European Centre of Excellence (University Hospital and Transplantation Centre Rangueil – Toulouse (France) under the prof. Rischmann)

-Finally, he received advanced training in endourology and in the treatment of lithiasis at the University Hospital Tenon PARIS, France under the prof. Traxer.