Shock Waves

The most modern, very promising and extremely effective method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction! In Androclinic we apply the shock wave method to men who present erectile dysfunction with impressive results! You can be one of them, too! Trust us!

What are Shock Waves

Shock waves aim at the improvement of the function of the endothelium and neoangiogenesis, achieving better blood flow to the penis and improved erectile function. The treatment has been applied for more than 10 years, even in cases of ischemic heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders,  Peyronie’s disease, but also in other fields.

Many studies have been carried out for the validity of the method and specifically in recent years our experience has grown even more. Recent metanalyses of these studies have shown that shock waves are really a very promising erectily dysfunction treatment.

More simply, we could define shock waves as a form of energy accompanied by sound and travels inside our body and interact with tissue.

Its oldest application was in breaking up stones, lithotripsy, a method established for many years for its simplicity and effectiveness.

What differentiates their application in Erectile Dysfunction are the technical characteristics of the devices. The energy they carry is very low-intensity and their passage through the body has totally different characteristics.

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Studies carried out show that the improvement of the erectile function brought about by shock waves, is probably due to the interaction of the shock wave with pressure receptors (receptors sensitive in pressure variations) in the cells of the penis which in turn set in motion a series of biological processes.

Studies so far about the application of shock waves on various tissues have shown the following: creation of new vessels, increase of angiogenetic factors through mRNA overexpression, multiplication of endothelial cells, increase of smooth muscular fibers.

Specifically regarding the penis, an important role seems to play the observed increase of the nitric oxide synthase (eNOs), which is the basic production enzyme of the neurotransmitter nitric oxide, which is decisive in erectile function.

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With the revolutionary treatment by shock waves the erection changes drastically within one month!


The application and implementation of the shock wave treatment is very simple with unique results, very much like doing an ultrasound. The head of the shock wave device is placed on the penis and the shock wave emission is accompanied by a low sound. The patient feels nothing, because the treatment is painless. The head is placed on various points on the penis, so that it is completely covered by shock waves. The duration of each session is approx. 30 minutes, no anesthesia is necessary and the patient can leave the surgery after its completion without any problems.

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Although they can be used in every case of erectile dysfunction, their basic indication is erectile dysfunction of vascular etiology. However, studies have also mentioned an effect on nerve function and for this reason they have been studied on patients after radical prostatectomy. It is obvious that, like all treatments, shock waves are not equally effective in every patient.

Many patients have seen impressive results with a full treatment of their erectile dysfunction, but it is evident that patients with serious damage and destruction of the corpus cavernosum of their penis will not show the same improvement.

The therapeutic protocols we follow are based on repeated sessions lasting for several weeks.

Our purpose is to provide every patient with the treatment schedule that is suitable for him!


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