Testicular Cancer

Main predisposing factors are cryptorchidism, microlithiasis (under conditions) and family history.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer usually appears in men under the age of 35, but its appearance at any age cannot be excluded. It appears as a hard formation at testicle palpation or as a random finding after a clinical examination by a doctor or a testicular ultrasound. Main predisposing factors are cryptorchidism, microlithiasis (under conditions) and family history.

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In the appearance of testicular cancer various causes are implicated, such as cryptorchidism, when the testicles do not descend below the groin, in order to reach their final position. another cause may be the mother’s advanced age after birth. Finally, HIV infection may be the cause.

We are also mentioning some predisposing factors, which are heredity and infertility.


A man with testicular cancer observes as a first symptom a palpable hard mass on the testicle which may cause pain. Rarely there may be symptoms like back pain or difficulty breathing.

We must mention that the above-mentioned symptoms may appear in other diseases as well and not exclusively in testicular cancer, therefore diagnosis by a specialized urologist is necessary.

Blood tests are also another test that detects known cancer markers!


The urologist will initially palpate the testicles to find out whether there is a hard mass. Then he will proceed to some specialized tests like testicular ultrasound. This test will determine if the cause of the finding is cancer or another benign cyst.

Blood tests are another form of test which detects the known tumor markets. When these markers are increased, then the doctor has very important data in his hands for confirming testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer & Treatment

Radical orchiectomy by itself or accompanied by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, in some cases offer great chances of full recovery.

Orchiectomy is done by an incision in the groin under general anesthesia and the hospitalization lasts for one day.

After informing the patient and according to his wishes, a testicular silicone implant may be inserted in the place of the removed testicle.

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