Penile Injections

The effect of penile injections is made apparent immediately and there is no need for erotic stimulation in order to achieve an erection.

What are Penile Injections?

Penile injections are a very effective form of Erectile Dysfunction treatment. They contain substances acting in the endothelium and the smooth muscle cells of the penis causing vasodilation, blood flow increase and causing an erection.

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Types of Injections

There are many forms of penile injections. The simpler ones contain prostaglandin, a very safe substance and the more complex ones, trimix, contain a combination of substances and are used in more severe conditions. The suitable injection is selected by the specialized urologist-andrologist based on special tests carried out in specialized centers and correspond to the severity of each patient’s erectile dysfunction.

The action of penile injections is made apparent immediately and no erotic stimulation is needed in order to produce an erection. A few minutes after application the erection starts, with a long duration and hardness superior to the one provided by the common pills.

It must be stressed that the penile injections used by every center are not equivalent. The experience and knowledge of the doctors in each center may cause the effectiveness of the injections to vary, changing the dosage of their ingredients depending on each patient’s problem. So, often a patient who used the maximum dosage of trimix by one center finds response in injections by another andrology center.

Administration Method

Administration is extremely simple and is done by the patient himself after the training in the administration technique. There are special pen-like devices with which the patient does not feel he is having an injection. He simply touches the penis with the pen, pushes the special button and administration happens automatically. The training consists of teaching the patient the suitable spot on which to administer the injection. However, even if he mistakes the administration, no damage will occur, he will simply not have the maximum effect from the injection.


They are safe and painless. Sometimes the patient feels a temporary slight irritation at the application time which goes away immediately. The patient must however take care not to exceed the dosage recommended by the specialist urologist-andrologist in order to avoid prolonging the erection or more rarely, cases of priapism.

The experience and knowledge of the doctors of each center may change the effectiveness of the injections.


Penile injections aim mainly to produce an erection immediately after their administration. They are far more effective than pills and therefore they are recommended to patients who have no results with pills. However, in quite a number of patients, and depending on the type of Erectile Dysfunction they present, their long-term use has brought about an overall improvement. Patients feel their penis larger and more “alive” even in flaccidity and some may see results even without medicine.

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