Fertility Check

In some tests a genetic check is necessary for the detection of chromosomal disorders in the man’s DNA or mutations related to infertility

Fertility Check – Introduction

When a couple cannot have children, not only the woman, but also the man must be examined. The infertility check for a man includes both the history which the specialized doctor will take, but also some other basic tests.

In this way the doctor will examine the man clinically, seeking specific points which may show a disorder related to infertility.

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Infertility Check by Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography check of the urinary, but also the reproductive system, is very important. Specifically, the scrotal triplex for the identification of varicocele, is an examination offering valuable information. More specific ultrasound tests like the transrectal ultrasonography, may also be needed .

Infertility Check by Blood Tests

Special blood tests which will determine the hormonal profile are necessary in order to detect a possible hormonal disorder. Also, if a hormonal therapy is needed, they contribute in the selection of the type of hormonal therapy, but also in monitoring the course of the treatment.

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The spermiogram is of vital importance. Although it is one of the oldest tests we have, it is the one that will help us decisively in the diagnosis, but also in treatment.

In some examinations the genetic check is necessary for the identification of chromosomal disorders in the man’s DNA or mutations related to infertility.

Further sperm analyses for bacteria or other substances may also be needed frequently.

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