Testicular Biopsy Micro Tese.

Micro TESE testicular bipsy (Testicular Sperm Extraction) is a specific-type testicular biopsy which offers a solution to men suffering from azoospermia. The azoospermia diagnosis, specifically of the heavy type with total absence of sperm in the spermogram, is a difficult condition which may be caused by blocking of the reproductive tract or internal testicular damage causing reduced or non-existent sperm production. The blockage of the reproductive tract may be due to many causes, but in these cases the production of sperm in the testicles is not affected.

However, in the cases where azoospermia is caused by damage in the testicular tissue, the possibility of finding sperm is significantly reduced.  Previously it was considered impossible, but today we know that this is fortunately not true. The reason is that it was shown in studies that the damage in the testicle may be focal, i.e. not in its whole area, but in many parts of it. This means that there may still be isles of good quality testicular tissue with spermatogenesis and sperm, but it is not possible for this sperm to exit during ejaculation.

The method to find this sperm in these areas is only through testicular biopsy. There are many techniques based mainly on “random” harvesting of testicular tissue in the hope to find a healthy part with sperm in this way. Micro TESE biopsy is applied in order to solve precisely this problem. The big difference between microTESE and simple testicular biopsy is that it is neither blind nor random.

Doctors in ANDROCLINIC are among few in Greece who are specifically trained and have a great experience in this technique and promise the best possible results in the search for sperm with the application of micro-TESE.

Micro TESE biopsy is carried out obligatorily with the use of a microscope with the help of which the testicle is investigated in order to identify areas with seminiferous tubules with good morphology. Since any sperm existing will be inside these tubules and not in the damaged ones, the harvesting of useless testicular tissue is avoided and the possibilities of finding sperm increases.

In other words, instead of a blind biopsy, a testicular biopsy takes place which is directed at and focused on the healthy areas of the testicle. By this technique, and based on international data which recommend microTESE biopsy as the best and most indicated testicular biopsy in cases of azoospermia, the percentage of finding sperm rises to 30%. This means that one in three men suffering from azoospermia have sperm in their testicles and all that is needed is the suitable technique in order to find it.

Micro TESE is totally safe for the testicle, it requires however more time compared with a simple testicular biopsy in order to examine thoroughly the testicular parenchyma.  The patient leaves the hospital on the same day, however this technique required experience on the part of the specialized Urologist Andrologist, both in the evaluation of the testicle and in microsurgical techniques.

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