Fat Injections

Fat injections have wide applications in cosmetic surgery.

Fat injections have wide applications in cosmetic surgery. Fat is injected in areas requiring enhancement and produces safe, long-term results with a natural appearance, as volume is restored in tissues where innate fat decreases.

The process includes fat harvesting from one part of the body, processing it and re-injecting it carefully with specially designed taps (NOT NEEDLES) in the areas requiring it. Since they are fat cells and not an over-the-counter material, fat transplant is carried out in a way ensuring the viability of the fat cells, either during harvesting or during injection. Even after the injection in the new position, their blood supply must be ensured and that is why the whole process is called transplant. For this precise reason, the process may have to be repeated in order to achieve the desired result, because the viability percentage cannot be ensured in advance, i.e. how many fat cells will survive.

The edema which is usually observed after the fat injection, subsides after 3-5 days or longer depending on the quantity of injected fat. The degree of the swelling depends on the area and the envisaged result, but mainly on the injected quantity. Particularly in men it is used for toning and increase in the cheekbones, the chin and in the corners of the jawbone, in order to strengthen the powerful and strong profile.

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Who is a good candidate for fat transplant?

Patients profiting from fat transplant are people who wish to increase volume is specific areas, but also to improve the quality of the skin. Fat is the best and most intense energizer of the skin fibroblasts.  The most common areas include hands, the face (including lips), and indents in the skin, where these have appeared either because of age or after operations or even scars.

Generally, patients considered suitable for fat injection are phusically fit. If you have a history of bleeding or are taking medicines like aspirin, you will have to inform your surgeon. A history of smoking must also be made known to your surgeon. An important role in the selection of this treatment plays also the recovery time and this will be discussed exhaustively pre-operatively. The anatomy and the proportions of each patient vary, and the decision to use fat instead of other materials depends on the patient’s targets as well as the surgeon.


Patients undergo a detailed evaluation process. A complete history will be taken and there will be a clinical examination before the procedure. Photos will be made for comparison purposes.

Either local anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia will be used. This will be discussed before the procedure, because, depending on the case, an anesthesiologist may be needed.

Fat is harvested using a special suction tap, using a sterile technique. As soon as adequate fat has been harvested from the donor area, it is cleaned. This often requires the use of a centrifuge which rotates fat and removes toxic substances and superfluous co-existing materials. Fat cells are then placed in the areas requiring it with very thin taps. The tap (and NOT NEEDLE) of the injection usually passes inside and out of the area to be increased many times. This creates a “grid” of fat grafts. In the areas where fat was injected, light compressions are applied in order to create a satisfactory contour. Small stickers cover the injection holes. It is noted that throughout the procedure no incisions are created, but only small 1-mm holes which are invisible.

Benefits from the injection / Advantages

Fat cell injections are an increasingly popular technique. Fat is one of the most well tolerated “filling” materials at the disposal of cosmetic surgeons, therefore it is widely applied.

It is natural, free from the risks of synthetic materials and lasts for a long time. It is effective for changing body contours, restoring scars and revitalizing hands and face. It causes the most powerful “neocollagenogenesis” reaction, creating new collagen where it is injected.

Duration of the operation

The procedure will last approx. 15 to 30 minutes for an application in a small area or more, depending on our wish at each time.


The treated area will present edema (swelling) for hours or even days afterwards. There will be bruising which may limit social activities post-operatively. You will also have to take medication (antibiotics and anti-inflammatories).


You may need to change your daily routine until the application area calms down. you may cover possible bruises and edema with make-up.

Time for exercise

It is better to avoid exercise for a few days until you feel comfortable again.


Patients must avoid driving until they feel completely comfortable on the treatment day or as your doctor has recommended.

Final outcome

The final result will need at least 3-6 months, on order to also see the percentage of fat cells surviving. That is why the first weeks are misleading. Our experience also shows that the best results are in the cheekbones, the chin, the jawbone corners and not where a more surface correction is needed (wrinkles).

Possible Complications with Injectable Implants

It is a process with high success for many patients. However, as happens with any procedure, it is very important that you understand what may go wrong. The possible complications are listed below.

Skin irregularities. Skin irregularities may be caused which take time to disappear. Massaging helps in these cases. They may have to be removed, where the aesthetic result is affected.

Small-degree asymmetry: the same injection will be carried out on both sides of the face. There is a small possibility of a different effect on one side in comparison to the other. An important role plays here the existing difference in the underlying anatomy, which exists in every one of us. This will be discussed more widely during application, in order to clarify why we may have to inject a different fat quantity on the two sided of the face.

Bruises: they are of minor importance and go away quickly.

Allergic reactions: perhaps in the local anesthetics used.

Repetition of the application: it must be clear that we are talking about fat cells transplant. This means that we need adequate blood flow for their survival. Because exactly this cannot be ensured, we must be prepared for a possible repetition within a few months, after it is evident how much has survived (practically how much correction has been achieved in the area of interest).

Oil cysts: for exactly the same reasons of blood flow, where it is not satisfactory, loss (death) of the fat cells occurs which are transformed in cysts containing oil (melted fat). They may have to be removed, where the aesthetic result is affected.

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